Flora Fresca

As served at Fusion Mixology Bar in the Palazzo, $12

“When I think of spring I am reminded of light, freshness and flowers,” Fusion mixologist Wendy Verdel-Hodges says. “I have attempted to put all these things into my springtime cocktail.” The Palazzo’s Fusion Mixology Bar is constantly changing its offerings based on the seasons and for special holidays or events throughout the year. Verdel-Hodges is one of the talented mixologists often charged with being inspired by what’s next on the calendar or what’s coming into season. “This is a very fresh tasting cocktail with lovely floral notes. The lemon and ginger are very subtle leaving room for the bouquet of flower flavors to come through.” Using ecologically responsible spirits from the Greenbar Collective portfolio featured in Vegas Seven’s April 21 “Eco Issue,” the Flora Fresca is saving the earth one delicious sip at a time.

Muddle 2 peeled cucumber wheels, 2 lemon wheels and 1 slice peeled fresh ginger with 1 ounce lemon-ginger infused simple syrup. Add 2 ounces Tru vanilla vodka, ½ ounce Fruit Lab jasmine liqueur, ½ ounce Fruit Lab hibiscus liqueur and 3-4 drops Bar Keep lavender spice bitters. Add ice, shake hard and double-strain into a chilled cocktail glass half-rimmed with crushed, crystallized, edible flowers (DressTheDrink.com).

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