I Love Bacon at I Love Burgers

The secret of this pricey-but-worth-it burger is that bacon is ground right into the meat pattie. Chef Errol LeBlanc shows his mettle by adding lots of double-smoked bacon, bacon mayo and a pile of onion straws to this sandwich. It all comes on an eggy brioche bun. For bacon-lovers only. $17, in the Shoppes at the Palazzo, 242-2747, ILoveBurgers.com.

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Brian Massie

Brian Massie

By Marvin Lucas

To deep-fry macaroni and cheese, from a health nut’s perspective, is to add insult to injury. Yet fans of the dish insist it’s worth every finger-licking calorie. Light Group introduced Las Vegas to these delicious diet-busters when Fix opened its doors at Bellagio in 2004. Today, the Very Adult Mac & Cheese is the eatery’s most popular appetizer, with staff serving some 60 to 70 orders on a typical Saturday night (that works out to more than 250 sticks of golden-fried pasta and cheese).