Munn spouts off at Pure

Olivia Munn is exactly the kind of nerd girl that Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith would have built if Attack of the Show were on TV in 1985 instead of … whatever it was Kelly LeBrock was involved with back then.

The point being, she’s gorgeous, likes video games and is occasionally on The Daily Show, which should already be enough to make all of Comic-Con collectively swoon—but apparently she’s got a salty streak, too.

Munn was at Pure on April 19 with Selita Ebanks for a vodka product launch when, according to published reports in the New York Daily News, she had a run-in with a group of club-goers—one of whom, according to her manager, tried to touch one of Munn’s friends.

Outside Pure, Munn reportedly mixed it up with the group, telling them, “You can go fuck yourselves!”

She wasn’t done there, saying her “career will go on,” but her new friends were “going to have to kiss people’s asses for the rest of [their] lives!”

But wait! There’s more!

“I’m rich!” Munn said. “I come from a well-off family.”

Aww, really? She had to go all high school rich kid on it? Way to ruin the fantasy, Olivia. Besides, who says “well-off” in the heat of anger? Who was she raised by, the Queen? That would at least explain the wealth. Maybe Chris Hardwick spent a lot of downtime giving her grammar lessons or something.

Of course, she also got on the mic at the club to ask, “Who is going to have a random hookup tonight?” So, you know, all is forgiven.

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