One Good Turn

Blackbird Studios brings artists together to help Japan

Last year, when an earthquake hit Haiti, artist Gina Quaranto and her partners did not hesitate to organize a fundraising event. It was a success, and they helped raise more than $1,000 for the Red Cross.

Six months later, when her former location, Place Gallery, was destroyed in the transformer explosion downtown, this same community came to the rescue, helping raise money to open Blackbird Studios. “There were artists that I didn’t know, who just read about it, that were like, ‘How can we help?’” Quaranto says.

Now the generosity comes around full circle. Blackbird Studios and the art community are hard at work with Japan’d Aid, a silent auction and free live painting event to benefit the Red Cross’ efforts in Japan. Fifteen artists—including Cristina Paulous, Quaranto, Damien Drake, K.D. Matheson and Jska Priebe—will make paintings during the event, which will be sold in the silent auction.

“I’ll definitely be thinking about Japan when I am painting,” Priebe says. “I think that’s the best way to send positive vibes their way.”

The event also includes a Japanese tea tasting, wine reception and food trucks. Additionally, there will be live music from Dusty Sunshine, Paige Overton and Japanese Taiko drummers Korabo.

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