Roxie and Jesse Amoroso — Bandmates in Pigasus and parents of three

She’s a talent buyer and gardening blogger; age 30. He’s a guitar expert; age 39.

Style icons: (his) Clint Eastwood and Han Solo; (hers) Françoise Hardy, Kim Gordon and Sailor Moon.

What they’re wearing now: (him) Ezekiel Rolling Stones denim, vintage presidential intern T-shirt, Levi’s Capital E trucker jacket, Lucky Brand Jeans belt and Converse Chuck Taylors; (her) Current Elliot denim, vintage pirate shirt, Christian Louboutin shoes, Omega Constellation watch.

Do people ever tell Roxie and Jesse that they dress alike? Well, yes. “There’s been more than one time that we’ve gotten to the bottom of the stairs and realized we were wearing the same color denim, T-shirt and Chucks. It’s unspoken. … One of us will turn around and change,” Roxie says. Adds Jesse: “Being soul mates comes with its challenges.”

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