Q & A With Adam Rapoport, Editor-in Chief of Bon Appetit

I recently spoke with the new Executive Editor of Bon Appetit Magazine, Adam Rapoport. Mr. Rapoport was vocal and animated on a variety of subjects, from the upcoming Vegas Uncork’d event that his magazine sponsors, to restaurant trends, gambling, golf and travel. He’s a New Yorker, and as befits the stereotype, a rapid fire, energetic speaker with lots to say.

Mr. Rapoport spoke to me by telephone, from his offices in New York City.

UnicaHome: Can you tell us a little about your background?

Rapoport: Before taking this position, I was Food Editor for GQ Magazine, where I worked with Alan Richman, and an editor at TimeOut New York. I was also for a time  Fashion Editor at GQ. Those positions afforded me the chance to develop relationships with many well known chefs in New York and elsewhere, and the experience of having dined and traveled for years before assuming my current post.

UnicaHome: Would you evaluate the food scene in Vegas, and please be brutally honest. How do we stack up against other major American cities?

Rapoport: Well, first of all, that’s not an easy question to answer. Obviously, the talent pool in Vegas matches up with anywhere. You have great chefs here. The service at a Vegas restaurant is impeccable, and the ingredients are phenomenal. Some of the food you get here is even better than in New York.

It’s hard to bring the energy and ambience of a chef’s restaurant in a major city to the Strip, though. The dining rooms in New York, for instance, are small and intimate. They often have patina, age on them. Restaurants in Vegas are huge. I think some of them are just too big.

UnicaHome: Are you saying we lack elegance?

Rapoport: Not at all. The architecture here is amazing. You have all the major design groups represented in Vegas, such as Tony Chi, Jeffrey Beers, etc. It’s just that when you are eating in a city like New York, Chicago and certainly a city like Paris, there’s a
history there, and that’s not simple to re-create.

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