Borscht at Tverskaya

Most people are probably more familiar with the dairy version of borscht eaten by the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe. But there is also a lesser-known beefy version done well here with carrots, beets, cabbage and potatoes, with a sour cream float. If you have a crock with the house black bread, you won’t leave hungry. $6.95, 4825 W. Flamingo Road, 247-8766.

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Shishito Peppers at Ra Sushi

Dishing With Grace

Shishito Peppers at Ra Sushi

Tender but with just the right amount of spring and snap left in them, a dish of green shishito peppers is the ideal way to kick off a meal at Ra Sushi. The plump peppers are sautéed with garlic and tossed with black sesame seeds, togarashi, sriracha and Tsuyu No Moto (seasoned soy sauce). They run the gamut from mild to the occasional spicy surprise, but mostly they just deliver a satisfying warmth that will rev you up for the sushi that’s to come. $7, in Fashion Show, 696-0008,