Finger Licking Fix Buffalo-Style Wings at Fix

They don’t call ’em finger lickin’ for nothing. Frenched “2-bone” chicken wings—13 of the little beauties per order—are brined and then quickly fried. Like so many things in the culinary world, chef Brian Massie’s tangy, spicy sauce is a secret, but he would rate the heat at about a six or seven on a scale of one to 10. So be forewarned. And when your taste buds get a little heated, cool them down by dipping into the house-made Point Reyes blue cheese sauce. $17, in Bellagio, 693-8300,

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Basil Pesto Linguine at Kona Grill

Dishing With Grace

Basil Pesto Linguine at Kona Grill

While Kona is known more for its happy hour than anything else, the dinner menu does have some tricks up its sleeve. The basil pesto linguine features a generous portion of pasta studded with chicken, Andouille sausage and roasted tomatoes, all of which is smothered in a basil pesto cream sauce that has just the right amount of spice. When the linguine is gone, soak up the remaining sauce with the crispy garlic bread served on the side. $12, 750 S. Rampart Blvd., 547-5552.