Finger Licking Fix Buffalo-Style Wings at Fix

They don’t call ’em finger lickin’ for nothing. Frenched “2-bone” chicken wings—13 of the little beauties per order—are brined and then quickly fried. Like so many things in the culinary world, chef Brian Massie’s tangy, spicy sauce is a secret, but he would rate the heat at about a six or seven on a scale of one to 10. So be forewarned. And when your taste buds get a little heated, cool them down by dipping into the house-made Point Reyes blue cheese sauce. $17, in Bellagio, 693-8300,

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Flora Fresca

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“When I think of spring I am reminded of light, freshness and flowers,” Fusion mixologist Wendy Verdel-Hodges says. “I have attempted to put all these things into my springtime cocktail.” The Palazzo’s Fusion Mixology Bar is constantly changing its offerings based on the seasons and for special holidays or events throughout the year. Verdel-Hodges is one of the talented mixologists often charged with being inspired by what’s next on the calendar or what’s coming into season. “This is a very fresh tasting cocktail with lovely floral notes.