Flavor Flav booked and released over warrants for auto-related incidents

Singer, actress and Playboy model Taryn Manning is adding “DJ” to her résumé. She spins at Blush on May 7, but will not, as her résumé suggests, be doing it topless. Shame.

Flavor Flav got popped by, in his words, a “rookie-ass cop” on April 29. He was pulled over, and police found he had warrants for auto-related incidents. He was taken to jail and booked before being released.

Steve Wynn made an honest woman out of Andrea Hissom on April 30. Donald Trump was at the wedding (it was billionaires-with-buildings-named-after-them-only for the invites). Clint Eastwood reportedly served as best man, presumably to ensure neither the bad nor the ugly would interfere with the ceremony.

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And now, a public service announcement


And now, a public service announcement

By Jason Scavone

Charlie Sheen is scheduled to host at Chateau on April 30. As such, you’re probably in a state of mounting panic, wondering what this means for you. Here are some tips to survive this encroaching Sheen-tastrophe: • Stock up on the essentials: Be proactive. Get in early and buy canned goods, bottled water, batteries and a hand-crank radio.