Some bands are defined by their members—Ringo Starr and three other dudes are not The Beatles, for example. But Foreigner is a trademark sound: clichéd, superficial, but imminently singable lyrics driven by addictive, adolescent, crotch-rock power chords. This is good news for the only remaining founding member, Mick Jones, whose latest lineup used that satisfying Foreigner stamp to blow the roof off of Green Valley Ranch on April 29. Foreigner also used the stage as a philanthropic platform to help school music programs, with Basic High School’s choir providing onstage background vocals for “I Want to Know What Love Is.” The crowd welcomed the Henderson students, and Basic received $1,000 toward its choir program with an additional undisclosed amount going to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation. Plus, it was great to see a rock band getting high school girls onstage for purely laudable reasons.