Peer Group

Photo by Adan Van Dam/Hypefactor Films

Smart guys travel in packs. Sometimes interstellar packs. So it was a match made in the heavens when the Starship Enterprise’s resident logician, Mr. Spock, met Las Vegas’ foremost wiseguy, Mayor Oscar Goodman, at the April 28 ribbon-cutting for downtown’s Insert Coin(s) Videolounge and Gamebar. Maybe Spock’s got some inside dope on a new stadium for the 51s. Goodman would tell you, but then he’d have to … well, you know.

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Old-School New Media

The Strip

Old-School New Media

By David G. Schwartz

It’s not easy for the little guy on the Las Vegas Strip these days. Of course, the little guy’s still a casino that makes millions of dollars each year, but compared with the megaliths owned by the big boys (MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment), places such as the Casino Royale are the neighborhood corner store. The problem is, there’s not quite enough business to go around these days. With the economic slump in its third year, competition for visitors is intense.