Sparks returning with residency at Moon

Clinton Sparks, who spent more than two years in the DJ booth at Body English and later Vanity, has been absent from the local scene for more than seven months. Now, the E! personality and friend to all creatures great and small (but in particular, Diddy) is coming back for the launch of his new party, Awesome Adventure, at Moon starting May 14 and running twice a month through the end of the year.

Sparks said he plans to keep delivering his shows with a side of spectacle, whether that be drop-ins from celeb friends or outré theme nights. First and foremost, though, for the DJ who’s been working on a rock/pop album for Interscope Records, the watchword will be, “awesome.” “My band now is called My Awesome Band. I’m pretty sure I might call my album My Awesome Album. Everything is just going to represent the theme around awesome. I’m even going to have My Awesome T-Shirt and give those away that night,” Sparks said. “I even hit up everybody at the Palms today and said, ‘Listen, in the spirit of making everything awesome, let’s start doing things like giving away Awesome room rates on the night that I’m there.’ When people go and ask for a drink … I want to make a service that’s, ‘Can I have a shot of Cîroc and cranberry, but make it awesome.’ What that means is they give you some more for free. So you get more drink for the same price, and that’s pretty awesome to me. Just certain things like that that make the night awesome.“

Oh, a secret password that leads to extra booze? That would be … What’s the word? You know, when something is splashy and cool? Oh, why can’t we think of it? Totally on the tip of our tongue.

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