Claire Sinclair officially installed as Playmate of the Year

You know Christmas is coming every year, and that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The news that Claire Sinclair was going to be Playboy’s Playmate of the Year slipped out months ago, but like Christmas, it was still pretty rad when the big day came.

Incidentally, both holidays are heavily dependent on unwrapping.

Sinclair took home $100,000 and a custom Harley-Davidson 1200 on May 7 at Moon during a private ceremony. She also wore a dress that can only be professionally described as: “Guhwhhlllll.” The drooling doesn’t really come across in print, but it’s there.

Sinclair was also at Ditch Friday that afternoon in an almost-as-awesome one-piece. Hugh Hefner presided over the whole affair, and hearty congratulations are due to the 85-year-old and extremely dry-looking, downright flammable Hefner for going out in the Vegas sun without spontaneously combusting.

Hef was flanked by fiancée Crystal Harris, while Sinclair was with reunited boyfriend Marston Hefner. It’s OK if you need a few minutes of mourning because of that. Naturally, a bevy of Playmates, including Jayde Nicole and Bridget Marquardt, were at the affair. So was, of course, George Maloof.

David Cassidy, randomly, also got in on the action. Maybe he figured if former Brady Christopher Knight could land Adrianne Curry, then a Partridge had a shot, too.

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