The End is Near—Enjoy Your Spring

Why wait until 2012 for the world to end? That’s the question California-based Family Radio ministry is asking its followers. The ministry moved up its end-of-the-world prediction by more than a year to May 21, 2011. Hold on to your hats, Las Vegas—we’ve only got two weeks left.

Family Radio’s leader is 89-year-old Harold Camping, and he’s no stranger to doomsday predictions. Camping also predicted the world would end on Sept. 6, 1994—a prediction, which, unless we’re all trapped in some sort of bizarre Lost scenario, turned out to be unfounded. This time, however, Camping is sure he’s hit the right date. The former civil engineer is basing his prediction on long calculations pulled from Bible figures and dates.

To ensure the world heeds his warning, Camping is sending his followers out on tour to preach about the approaching end. One stop the tour isn’t planning to make, however, is Las Vegas. Perhaps we’re already going to hell for living in a city with a reputation of being built on vice, or maybe Family Radio just doesn’t want to have any good classic Vegas fun before doomsday.

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