Hit the Road

Seven Southwest routes that are definitely a trip. (And the destinations ain’t bad, either.)

Seven writers find beauty, solitude and adventure along the Southwest’s best routes, not to mention some cool destinations.



A tale of two mountain cities and the heavenly road that runs between them

By Phil Hagen


Destination Lost

Riding the range alone, but never lonely

By T.R. Witcher


The Pacific Coaster

California views worth a white-knuckle drive

By Cindi Moon Reed


Death Valley Immersion

Experience new heights by biking to the depths of the desert

By Bob Whitby


The Scarlet Stones of Memory

The Valley of Fire is close to home in more ways than one

By Greg Blake Miller


Toward Zion

After making it through the desert, it’s all uphill—in a good way

By Sean DeFrank


Solitude Is Only Relative

Making friends with the Loneliest Road in America

By Xania Woodman

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JoAnn Armstead

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JoAnn Armstead

JoAnn had her first daughter in 1953, when she was 19. The father wasn’t around much, so she found herself struggling for a support system to help raise her daughter. JoAnn had been orphaned at birth. Most young parents can call their parents and ask for advice; JoAnn never had that luxury. So she went to the library and turned to the books of Dr. Benjamin Spock. In the 1950s, it was difficult for African–Americans to get a job in corporate America, so JoAnn knew she had to continue her education in order to give herself and her daughter a fighting chance.