Ke$ha brought her Get Sleazy tour in all its glittered electro-pop glory to the Pearl on May 7, and I admit I wasn’t expecting much. Her rapping and high-pitched screeching turned me off, especially after hearing “TiK ToK” on the radio more times than I can count. But the singer managed to catch my attention right off the bat by opening with her latest single, “Sleazy.” Decked out in a rhinestone-encrusted leotard, Ke$ha played drums and helped mix the song amid a Daft Punk-inspired light-up stage. She proceeded to spend the rest of the show banging confetti-topped drums, wrestling with her dancers and chugging beers—churning up a massive dance party onstage and off. “Cannibal” climaxed with Ke$ha pretending to eat a male dancer from the leg up to the heart. The concert wasn’t necessarily history making, but the singer with the dirty club-kid persona did offer a dose of fun that pop fans can appreciate—myself now included.

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