Something Borrowed

(PG-13) ★★☆☆☆

Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson star in this morally murky, attention-span-challenging romantic comedy about a mousy lawyer who falls into bed with her bombshell best friend’s fiancé. If you like corny cliches, you’ll love this movie. If you like My Best Friend’s Wedding, rent that instead, because it is far superior (sorry, John Krasinski, but you’re no Rupert Everett).

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iPhoning Home

iPhoning Home

By Jarret Keene

The Alicia Motel on Fremont Street isn’t much to look at with the naked eye in broad daylight. It’s just another seedy, crumbling, inexpensive respite in downtown Las Vegas. But in Dr. Gregory Robinson’s new exhibit, Vegas From the Hip, an image of the Alicia possesses the alluring qualities of a cherished family photograph kept for years in an old scrapbook—overexposed, tinged with nostalgia, mystery-flecked.