Cirque, Nevada Ballet team for showcase

The first of two
performances of the Fourth Annual A Choreographer’s Showcase: A Project Designed to Stimulate and Encourage Artistic Growth took place May 15 inside the Viva Elvis Theater. The eclectic show featured choreographic works by dance artists from both Nevada Ballet Theater and each of Las Vegas’ resident Cirque du Soliel shows. It was a chance for performers to flex their choreographic muscles and experiment with new concepts.

Most choreographers used a blend of modern and ballet dance as their chosen style. Some, though, like Hanifa Jackson and Isreal Gutierrez (whose piece Dreams of Hope was infused with African dance) and Mukhtar O S Mukhtar (whose Making ‘Sense’ of Movement included street dance) incorporated non traditional styles for a surprising twist. The talent and ability in each piece was perfectly matched yet very different in concept and design.

Passion and pain powered Apres Vous and Ascension, both personal works about life experiences. Glo was inspired by a short film which played on a screen as the dancers performed in front of it, creating an interesting juxtaposition that kept the eye constantly moving between the two. Making ‘Sense’ of Movement was a deep piece that explored how people who are blind or deaf overcome the absence of one of their senses and still excel as dancers. The performers used fabric to cover first their eyes, then their ears to not just simulate, but truly experience a moment in the life of the disabled.   

It was an hour and a half of pure dance bliss. The last chance to see this dynamic show is at 1 p.m., May 22.