Shop talk: Claire Sinclair



You probably recognize her most as one of Holly Madison’s BFFs from “Holly’s World,” but
Bettie Page Clothing
spokesmodel Claire Sinclair is making a name for herself in many ways. Not only is she the face of the pinup clothing line, Sinclair is also the 2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year and has been a featured dancer in “Crazy Horse,” Las Vegas’ most popular burlesque show.

I got to meet Sinclair at the Bettie Page boutique located inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood and we talked summer pinup style fashion. Here’s what she had to say.

LS: What are your tips for cute summertime pinup style?
CS: Pinup style is a classic look, but I feel this year’s hot trends are bold colors, breezy styles and above the knee rompers. I’m very excited to wear those. The Bettie Page summer line is all about having fun.

LS: What about tips for wearing makeup to complement a summer pinup look?
CS: I feel like in the summer, it’s okay to go easy on the red lipstick and instead do a coral. I know it sounds old-lady-ish, and I was scared to try it at first. But I’ve been using it in photo shoots, and it just looks so fresh. It brightens up your face, and you can get away with wearing less makeup on your eyes.

LS: What about hair?
CS: I love up-dos! I want to see more up-dos. I’m so sick of wearing my hair down. I wish more people would rock an up-do.

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