30 Days to a Poolside Body

Two experts have advice for those of us who aren’t quite ready to show off our assets

Summer is here and your presence is requested at your favorite pool hangout. But you don’t quite have that body you imagined when you bought that swimsuit last month. Don’t stress, because it’s going to be a long summer and Vegas Seven has the two perfect Las Vegans to help guys and gals get ready in just 30 days.

Forrest Griffin

The 31-year-old former UFC light heavyweight champion and jiujitsu black belt, who trains at Throwdown Training Center in Las Vegas, knows what it takes to have discipline and is here to help you get that poolside body you desire.

What would your 30-day workout strategy be?

I would have a routine consisting of cardio and strength training. The most overrated thing people do is work on their abs. Everyone wants flat abs. The most underrated thing is sleep and a good diet.

What would your diet look like for those 30 days?

Breakfast: Eggs are always good; egg whites as well, also a piece of fruit. Lunch: grilled chicken and a small amount of brown rice. Dinner: as many veggies as you can stuff in your face, along with meat. No sugar or Splenda on anything. After 30 days of the same meat and grilled chicken it tends to get boring, so spend some time in the spices aisle to make your meat interesting.

What about energy drinks or supplements?

Well, obviously I get Endorush for free, so that is my favorite. [Griffin is sponsored by the energy-boost supplement]. I say take half the amount it asks for. I take a measuring cup in the morning and measure 4 ounces, which helps burn fat all day. Also, energy drinks tend to make you crash rather than give you energy after awhile, so a piece of grapefruit in the morning will actually help boost the caffeine in your morning cup of coffee.

What is your favorite workout to do outdoors in this Vegas heat?

First of all, I love the heat. I love going to Red Rock and running out on the trails—kind of like being a kid again and going out exploring.

What is your favorite song on your iPod right now that gets you pumped up?

Oh! Right now I love this band called The National. They are darker and have this song called “Bloodbuzz Ohio” that is dark and evil and totally gets me pumped up.

After the 30 days are up, how can the average guy keep up that poolside body all summer?

I say don’t go crazy on eating out, and stay on the routine you have been on. We are creatures of habit, so stay on it and don’t stray away by eating out too much. I try to eat out maybe twice a week only because I tend to order things off the menu to stay healthy and it usually never works out.

What is your favorite pool hangout?

Red Rock [Resort] pool, because it’s so laid-back and, more importantly, close to my house. I tried to go to some of the other hangouts last year and wasn’t a fan of all the greasy people.

Holly Madison

Even Playboy bunnies need a kick in the tail once in a while, as evidenced when Madison, on Holly’s World, was told by her manager that she needed to lose some weight for Peepshow at Planet Hollywood. The star took the criticism in stride and started to work out more vigorously and change her diet. The early consensus: mission accomplished!

What would your 30-day workout strategy be?

I would work out at least five times a week, doing cardio, lots of running on the treadmill, and yoga and pilates because those help firm up parts of the body. I try not to do too much hard-core cardio—I think that is overrated. But it’s different for everyone.

What would your diet consist of for those 30 days?

Breakfast: Protein bar with a cup of coffee. Lunch: Something healthy like a salad with grilled chicken. Dinner: More protein, like chicken or tuna with veggies.

What about energy drinks or supplements?

I haven’t found one supplement I like the best yet. I do drink Starbucks all day long, though!

After the 30 days are up, what’s your advice for staying in shape all summer long?

You don’t need to work out five days a week anymore, but at least two to three times, and also keep eating healthy. A very important thing for girls is to pick the right bathing suit that fits her best. Get a cover-up as well, because even if you are skinny, we all have unflattering areas and moments where a cover-up is nice to have.

What is your favorite song on your iPod right now to work out to?

Probably Britney Spears’ new single “Till the World Ends.” Also I like Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and Rihanna’s “S&M.”

What is your favorite pool hangout?

There are so many, but I would have to say Wet Republic because I love their private pool. Also, I love Tao Beach because it’s wild but still intimate.