A Few of Our Favorite New Toys of Summer

1. PortoPong.
Take the thrill of beer pong to the pool. $50, PortoPong.com.

2. Oregon Scientific ATC 9k 1080p High Definition Waterproof Action Camera.
This helmet cam can capture HD video and photographs and comes with an assortment of mounting devices. $300, SwimOutlet.com.

3. Scuba Series HD 720p Wide Angle.
This dive mask/camera with lever-style buttons records HD video and still images. $350, LiquidImageCo.com.

4. Camelbak Mule.
Carry three liters of water or energy drink in this reservoir. $89, Camelbak.com.

5. FINIS SwiMP3.1G.
The underwater MP3 player transmits hi-fi sound. $150, LesliesPool.com.

6. Waterproof iPod Case.
Get protection for your MP3 player. The case comes with a headphone jack for your earphones. $35, Aquapac.net.

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