King Crab at Hot N Juicy Crawfish

This restaurant, featuring Cajun-style seafood, is worth getting your hands dirty. There are no utensils, no plates and no fancy napkins—only a bib. The house specialty is the boiled crawfish, which comes with your choice of seasoning. Hot N Juicy Special is the signature seasoning, and you can adjust it to your desired level of spiciness. $10 per pound, 4810 Spring Mountain Road, Suites C and D, 891-8889.

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Crispy Baked Mozzarella at Union

Officially debuting May 12, Union’s new small-plates menu features seven fun, shareable items, including this ooey-gooey wonder. A generous slab of mozzarella is coated in perfectly salted Parmesan-garlic breadcrumbs and baked until the thin shell can just barely contain the molten deliciousness. Laid down in a pool of spicy red tomato sauce, the little rectangle is now ready to crack open. Union’s chewy house bread is the ideal delivery system for the melty cheese and for daubing up any remaining drops of sauce.