King Crab at Hot N Juicy Crawfish

This restaurant, featuring Cajun-style seafood, is worth getting your hands dirty. There are no utensils, no plates and no fancy napkins—only a bib. The house specialty is the boiled crawfish, which comes with your choice of seasoning. Hot N Juicy Special is the signature seasoning, and you can adjust it to your desired level of spiciness. $10 per pound, 4810 Spring Mountain Road, Suites C and D, 891-8889.

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Tapping into sustainability

RM Seafood executive chef Rick Moonen, who has long been on the forefront of sustainability and reducing waste in his restaurant, has recently incorporated a new way to serve wine at his seafood eatery. It’s a system that delivers wine in a lightweight, recyclable keg composed of three parts: a cardboard outer shell that surrounds a CO2 bladder, which compresses an inner bag containing the wine. The CO2 never comes into contact with the wine, thus maintaining its integrity.