Tryst patron racks up $189,000 tab

The story taking certain scurrilous corners of the Internet by storm last week was a lawsuit from an anonymous Clark County resident against an almost-as-anonymous A-list talent from film and television, worth more than $100 million, for giving the plaintiff herpes. If it turns out that the defendant is Tom Hanks and the plaintiff is Carrot Top, we stand to earn a fortune on a long-shot prop bet.

Buzzing the ‘net to a lesser extent, photos of a bloated receipt from Tryst on May 5 that clocked in at a cool $189,375.98. Coincidentally, this is the exact amount of money we plan to make if Tom Hanks gave Carrot Top herpes.

T-Pain was overheard at Sugar Factory on May 13 singing “black and lolli, black and lolli, black and lolli” to the tune of “Black and Yellow.” Your gold-record artists, ladies and gentlemen.

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At least the music at Pure wasn’t chin music


At least the music at Pure wasn’t chin music

By Jason Scavone

Let this be a lesson to all the male stars out there: If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve committed some sort of horrific transgression, and you’ve only paid the most basic of lip service to contrition, go ahead and leak some dong shots, and apparently, you’ll be forgiven. Chris Brown was at Pure to celebrate his 22nd birthday May 8, and he was met by a mob of girls screaming for his attention. You know, girls. Like the one he beat the holy hell out of two years ago.