Tryst patron racks up $189,000 tab

The story taking certain scurrilous corners of the Internet by storm last week was a lawsuit from an anonymous Clark County resident against an almost-as-anonymous A-list talent from film and television, worth more than $100 million, for giving the plaintiff herpes. If it turns out that the defendant is Tom Hanks and the plaintiff is Carrot Top, we stand to earn a fortune on a long-shot prop bet.

Buzzing the ‘net to a lesser extent, photos of a bloated receipt from Tryst on May 5 that clocked in at a cool $189,375.98. Coincidentally, this is the exact amount of money we plan to make if Tom Hanks gave Carrot Top herpes.

T-Pain was overheard at Sugar Factory on May 13 singing “black and lolli, black and lolli, black and lolli” to the tune of “Black and Yellow.” Your gold-record artists, ladies and gentlemen.

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Pacquiao-Mosley brings out celebs


Pacquiao-Mosley brings out celebs

By Jason Scavone

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