Dragons back from Norway only minimally punched



Before their EP release party at the Hard Rock Café on the Strip, I had a chance to sit down with Imagine Dragons and talk to them about their newest, It’s Time and the crazy shenanigans they got into at the 2011 Bergenfest in Norway.

You guys just performed at the 2011 Bergenfest in Norway! Were there any language barriers and are there any stories you can share with us?

Thankfully everyone spoke English. Dan learned how to say hello, good day. “Hallo, God dag.” A brief story we can tell you is that our bass player, Ben McKee, got punched in the face one night by a Norwegian guy. That’s all we are going to say.

What? Why in the world did that happen?

He went around the streets and asked who would punch him in the face. And he had to ask about 10 Norwegians before someone would punch him in the face, so all in all they are pretty nice. He did suffer a concussion and woke up with blood on his pillow and disoriented. He even played two shows that day despite that concussion.

Did you meet any bands at the festival that you had wanted to meet? The list of names was pretty extensive.

There was a young, Norwegian band from Bergen called Young Dreams that were really cool that we got to meet.

So off of this new EP what was the most meaningful song for you guys to write and why?

Definitely “America.” As a band we are not that political, but we are Americans that do love our country. America has gone through a lot of hard times these past few years and so instead of being angry at America I think it’s best to be positive and show some love.