Flower Power

Renowned crystal-maker Baccarat stays true to its classic style when creating a new line of earrings, necklaces, chains and rings. The exclusive Fleurs De Psydélic collection celebrates the mystery and beauty of nature, locking it into five colors, including rich hues of blue, orange and red. The eight models featured in the collection are placed in a sterling silver setting to highlight the power of the crystal. Over time, the stones change color, giving each piece a new life. $300 to $600, at Baccarat in the Forum Shops at Caesars.

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Race Ya


Race Ya

The 500 series by Gucci celebrates all that is sexy about the open road with a full line of travel accessories, including driving gloves and shoes. And to take the collection to the next level, Gucci and Fiat have partnered in celebration of the retailers’ 90th birthday to unveil the ultimate machine that will bring together car enthusiasts and fashion devotees: the Gucci Fiat 500. Available in white or black, this super pimpin’ ride features the classic red and green racing stripe (which matches the bag, shoes etc.) and the GG emblem throughout. Our favorite logo spot: the hubcaps.