The Gypsy Den’s Fashion Night Out

No words were needed May 19 as instrumental bands Dinner Music for the Gods and Thee Swank Bastards performed at the Gypsy Den’s Fashion Night Out fundraiser. DMFTG played on the wagon stage first. The sweeping melodies and powerful guitar chords (reminiscent of an ’80s metal band) were energetic enough to liven up the crowd without overwhelming it. The 45-minute set was a refreshing showcase of rock, Latin and jazz influences mixed together with precision. Shortly after, Thee Swank Bastards (pictured) got onstage channeling Reservoir Dogs with their black suits, white shirts and skinny black ties. With the first song, guitarist Jesse Del Quadro jumped off the stage, giving the crowd a playfully aggressive stare as he picked away at his guitar. Thee Swank Bastards’ classic surf tunes were on point with the genre, and an unexpected find in the desert. The remainder of the set continued the relaxed mood and took the listeners on a musical beach getaway.

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