A Quick Wedding Guide for Guys

As the warmer months draw near, the style question that I’m most asked is, “What should I wear to a summer wedding?”

Unfortunately, this is not as simple as, “Can I wear a French cuff shirt with a sport coat?” or “Do I wear cuffs on my flat-front trousers?” The great wedding attire debate inherently requires more information. Therefore, if you desire to be one of the most stylish guests in the crowd, you will need to do more than just put the date into your smartphone. You will need to take into consideration the event location, time and suggested dress code.

Formal day wedding: Go with a suit in either navy or dark gray. A bright piece of neckwear and a pastel shirt would be the perfect complement to give you a little pop of color. For the daring dresser, a nonformal bow tie is an elegant option for a day wedding and would not make the wearer too overdressed.

Semiformal day wedding: Choose a sport coat and trouser as the basis of your outfit. With this basic outfit, a whole world opens up for you to be able to let your personality and flair show through. With that being said, if you go a little overboard with the sport-coat color or pattern, you should tone down the overall look with a simple shirt and tie combination. You could also opt out on neckwear all together or, if you dare, wear an ascot—just because you can!

Beach wedding: You can never go wrong with a cotton or linen suit. I would suggest leaving your neckwear in your closet. To add a bit of fair, add a straw hat if you are not a part of the wedding party.

Evening wedding: Most will be formal, but if it isn’t, opt for a dark suit and simple shirt and tie combination. In order to stand out, your suit should be well cut and the fit simple. Adding a tasteful pocket square is also a must.

If it’s a formal wedding, then by all means keep it simple and elegant! There is a reason that women dream of a date with James Bond, and most of it has to do with how he looks in a tux, white shirt and black bow tie. Just make sure that the tux fits as if your Creator molded it for you.

Here are three last things to keep in mind: Plan ahead, plan ahead and plan ahead. Remember that it takes four to six weeks to have a custom tux or suit made. The very moment you receive the save the date card, start planning.

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