System of a Down

These Armenian-American alt-metal rockers haven’t released any new music since 2005, but you wouldn’t have known it from the sold-out crowd at their May 22 concert at the Pearl at the Palms. Fans jumped around, banged their heads and sang at the top of their lungs as System barreled through nearly 30 tracks from their four official albums (ignoring 2002’s collection of outtakes, Steal This Album). Frontman Serj Tankian performed vocal gymnastics with his operatic tongue-twister delivery, commenting on everything from police brutality and American foreign policy to coked-out groupies and the perils of Hollywood, while guitarist Daron Malakian danced around the stage delivering melodic and angular riffs that fueled crowd favorites such as “Chop Suey!,” “Toxicity” and “Sugar.” Although System might just be easing back into things with this tour, it’s apparent that the band still possesses a relationship with their fans that few can claim.

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