Three Peas and a Bod

The Black Eyed Peas are to Vegas clubs what gators are to the Florida Everglades: ubiquitous, full of downside and far worse to encounter eye-to-eye than just knowing they’re out there, lurking.

Tragically, this was a weekend full of Peas. The foursome (, Fergie, Li’l and The One With the Hair) were nominated for four Billboard Music Awards during the May 22 show at MGM Grand. Although they only took one, for Top Duo or Group, they certainly got their money’s worth all weekend.

Fergie hosted at Haze on May 20, dragging along and Taboo, while that night Taboo also turned up at Joe Jonas’ Billboard pre-party at Tao. had Pure May 21 with and the two of them were joined by Taboo at Wet Republic before the show May 22. Finally, after the dust settled at MGM, Taboo and got in the booth with DJ Vice at Lavo.

Of course, by that time the people anyone actually wanted to see were there. Rihanna celebrated her Top Female Artist award with her crew. Beyoncé brought former Destiny’s Child mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams—plus husband Jay-Z—to celebrate her Millennium Award (which we’re fairly certain is handed out yearly to the top artist who covers Robbie Williams’ “Millennium”).

So, of the four Peas, Taboo and were the ones who spent the most time doing performances that no one really wanted to see. They’re trying so hard for your attention, you guys. Maybe if you just take Taboo to the park and throw the Frisbee for him a while, he’ll be all tuckered out and sleep through the night.

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