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BIFFED: Bands such as Biffy Clyro make me feel old. This is not because the band’s music is too loud or too aggressive for my sensibilities—indeed, they’re a kind of Scottish Foo Fighters, not too hard or too soft—but because until a few weeks ago, I’d never even heard of them, and they’re kind of a big deal, at least in Europe. The band plays the Hard Rock Café on the Strip on June 2 ($10-$15), shortly before they put out a double-disc live album recorded at some British stadium shows.

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ALTERAROCK: On May 29, My Chemical Romance plays the House of Blues ($40). reviewer Karina Halle described the audience at an April 2 Vancouver tour stop as “a frantic teenage pseudo-culture that begs to be studied and documented,” and wondered if she wasn’t witness to “the new Beatlemania.” In between, she used the words “fun and enjoyable” but also “lackluster,” which says to me that your mileage may vary—even from song to song. You’ll probably feel the same way about Electric Six, playing May 26-29 at Book & Stage, but at least the show’s free, and it’s fun to sing along with “Gay Bar.”

NOW ON SALE: Iggy and the Stooges play The Joint on Sept. 10 ($42.50 and up). This is not the Stooges as your Uncle Punk knew them; founding member Ron Asheton died in 2009, and there’s no replacing his buzzsaw guitar. Still, these new Stooges include old Stooges James Williamson, Steve Mackay and Scott Asheton, and it’s always a pleasure to see Mike Watt on bass. Besides, everyone should see Iggy Pop at least once. He’s one of America’s national treasures, perfectly preserved in a web of sinew.

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