Product I Love: RapidLash

Woman brown eye with extremely long eyelashes

I should really rename this post “Product I Can’t Live Without.” Seriously. RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum is now a mainstay in my beauty cabinet and a regular part of my routine. It works. And not only can I tell it works, so can everyone
around me. People have definitely taken notice of my longer lashes.

Like all other beauty-obsessed women, I became interested in enhancing my lashes when the various serums hit the market. I began my lash journey using Latisse, which also works. In fact, Latisse works so well that I noticed an improvement in my lashes after only two weeks. Unfortunately, after
eight weeks, I developed an allergy. What a bummer! I had longer, fuller lashes, but I also had red eyes that could not be cured even with Visine. So, I reluctantly gave up Latisse in order to have healthy eyes.

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