Drake and Wayne stretch out their Butch & Sundance routine

While we haven’t taken a careful survey of all Lil Wayne’s sundry and myriad tattoos, we’re nigh positive that, on a close inspection, at least one will be a portrait of Drake with “BFFs 4 EVA” underneath.

It was Drake who brought Weezy out for his first public performance after getting out of prison, the Nov. 6 show they did at The Joint. They were spotted together in Miami to watch the Heat go up 3-1 on Chicago (Wayne, delightfully, in a Lakers cap), and before coming out to Vegas, Drake and Wayne were filming a video (and later spotted in a Miami strip club, natch) on May 27.

Not surprising, then, that among Drake’s spate of appearances over Memorial Day Weekend, Drizzy and Weezy presented a united front at Rehab on May 29. In the crowd to watch the Young Money duo do their thing were Jamie Foxx and Christina Milian.

Great Las Vegas duos are few and far between (apologies to Penn & Teller and Donny & Marie), and maybe it’s time for Wayne and Drake to follow in some fairly impressive footsteps. They could not only culminate everything they’ve been building toward for seven months, but they could finally satisfy a long yearned-for desire to install a new duo at The Mirage (apologies to Terry Fator & Barry Fabulous).

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