Pamela Jenkins with son Julius

Owner, The Cupcakery; age 31; Student, All Saints’ Day School, age 2½

Style icons: Kate Moss, Grace Slick, her mom and both grandmas.

What she’s wearing now: H&M jumpsuit, Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo green cuff, grandma’s turquoise jewelry and Sergio Rossi shoes.

What he’s wearing now: Vintage Catholic school uniform jacket, hand-me-down shorts and a vintage T-shirt.

“I was 5 and in a Neiman Marcus fashion show,” says Pamela of the first time she ever felt stylish. “I was wearing a white bikini with a fruit design.” A true head-turner, she is always one of the most striking people in the room. “In Vegas, you can have lots of color and there’s always going to be someone dressed trashier standing next to you.” Her individualism is rubbing off. “My style affects Julius,” she notes. “Probably 100 percent more than it should!”