Zombies, doom metal and Deadheads

The headline for this week’s Soundscraper only seems downbeat and mortality-fraught on the surface. It’s actually a very lively, buoyant week in live music, with everything you can possibly ask for—a benefit concert for special-needs kids, heavy-as-sludge stoner metal and a Grateful Dead tribute band from Cali. I will be at two of the three shows, so look for me. I just bought a whole new wardrobe of loud polyester dress shirts from Savers, so I should be pretty easy to spot.

My editor laughed when I suggested this event last year, but I’m telling you this is the coolest (and slowest) aggressive music event of the year—the second Doom in June at Cheyenne Saloon, June 4 from noon to dawn. This all-day music festival features 17 bands, including Finland’s Hooded Menace and my current favorite band name, Meth Leppard (from San Luis Obispo, Calif.). If you have a penchant for slow, downtuned, downtempo, stoned-out-of-your-gourd ’70s-style metal, you’d better not miss this. Can’t wait to feel heavy guitars rattle my bones and internal organs. Advance tickets are $25 at BrownPaperTickets.com.

If you’re more of a grilled-cheese-sandwich-in-the-parking-lot jamband type, try Cubensis, a Grateful Dead tribute act from L.A. that, from what my Angelino friends tell me, is convincing. Hell, they even have two drummers just like the famous band to which they pay homage. The foundation of this now-seven-piece band has been performing live since 1987, garnering praise and developing a reputation for sounding, well, dead-on. Cubensis plays E-String Grill & Poker Bar (2031 W. Sunset Road) at 8 p.m. June 8. Can’t wait to do my higher-than-a-kite, white-boy dance to “Eyes of the World.” (Sadly, I’m actually sober when I move like that.)

June 10 and 11, my favorite Juggalo-friendly metal act Drainage X and Sam Ash Music Stores are teaming up for the Zombie Riderz Festival. Held at the Jesse James Rock House (4660 Boulder Highway, formally known as Dylan’s Roadhouse), this two-day event benefits the Lili Claire Foundation and, according to a news release, features 150 vendors—“food, clothing, arts and crafts, jewelry” and more—along with a hot-rod show, live wrestling matches, bounce houses and kids rides (translation: bring the whole Insane Clown family!) and raffles. Drainage X and 11 other local bands—none of which I have even heard of—will perform. Drainage is solid, though. (No alcohol will be sold outside, so buy booze inside Jesse James, where you need to be 21 to enter.) Check ZombieRiderzFest.com for tickets ($12 each day, $24 for both) and more info. It’ll be like a mini-Gathering in Vegas!

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