Fantastic flop ripe for nerd-mocking at Rave

The freaks aren’t the only ones who come out at night. Saturday night at Rave Motion Pictures, I had the “pleasure” of watching the Roger Corman-produced Fantastic Four film from 1994 with a bunch of comic book nerds. And before you chime in, I’m pretty sure, they’d all take the term “comic book nerd” as a term of endearment.

The movie is known for being awful. Unfortunately, it’s not so bad it’s good — it’s just so bad it’s bad. Screaming at the screen was encouraged and the pop culture literati referenced everything from Pulp Fiction to Lionel Richie’s “Hello” video all while constantly hoping for some fantastic fucking between the male members of the Four.

It was fun, but next time I’m rooting for more nerd debauchery. A trivia contest for gift cards just won’t cut it. Make these uber-dedicated fans do something crazy, something out of their element, something that will make me write about that as opposed to this movie.

The monthly event drew a large crowd, but the Maximum Comics-sponsored show has room to improve. Make the pregame as ridiculous as the game itself. I’ll bring the pudding if you bring the pool for them to wrestle — I mean “live action role-play” in.

Jason Harris is a local stand-up comedian.