Burlesque feud takes nasty turn

A rift in the burlesque community led to bad blood among adherents and the sundering of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend into two separate productions. Anger turned to out-and-out hostility against one longtime performer.

Satan’s Angel (born Angel Cecelia Helene Walker) said she was on the receiving end of death threats before leaving her Palm Springs, Calif., home to join up with the new, competing production, The Dixie Evans Burlesque Show.

“I got a phone call on my cell phone. It has to be someone I knew,” she said. “It was screaming on the phone. ‘How fucking dare you take the opposition’s side? You’d better be careful and watch your back because we could blow up your car. We can come to Palm Springs and blow up your home.’ I said, ‘Sweetie, you’d better have a really long reach.’”

Walker said she was fearful for her life, but the woman who made her name by spinning flaming tassels in the ’60s and ’70s wasn’t backing down.

“You’ve got people threatening my life? Now you pissed me off. Screw them.”

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