Louis XIV

“The aughts” were a great time for indie music. After all the bullshit overproduced pop and whiney downtrodden rock of the late ’90s, the Strokes, the White Stripes and the movement led by the radio show Little Steven’s Underground Garage catapulted gritty, dirty, straight-forward rock ’n’ roll to the forefront again. With indie rock taking over the Internet, good music was here to stay. And Louis XIV, one of the buzz bands from the mid-’00s, seems to still be right there, in 2005. If the opening show of their June 2-5 stint at the Cosmopolitan’s Book & Stage was any indication, they have no desire to evolve as a band or even play their older tunes well. Hits such as “Finding Out True Love Is Blind” still resonate, but playing other songs in the wrong key and explaining to the audience that they haven’t practiced and they’ll be much tighter by Saturday (this was Thursday) is unacceptable. It’s not as if they didn’t know they had this gig lined up. It’s 2011, gents. Indie rock is still thriving (thankfully), but maybe certain acts are better left in the last decade. If all your songs sound so similar to one another, it shouldn’t be that difficult to rip through them the right way.

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