Number 3 Pencils

Good news for Vegas musicians: Rock & Rita’s, the bar-restaurant inside of Circus Circus, will be opening its stage to local bands every Saturday night. The venue’s open design allows curious tourists to stop and watch whoever is onstage. On June 4, the two local bands were Number 3 Pencils (pictured) and Three Chord Radio.

This performance also doubled as Number 3 Pencils’ eponymous EP release party. Their sound seemed to include a little something from every genre. It transitioned from psychedelic to funk to country to punk. Guitarist Ely Bascoy and organist Woz paid homage to Jimi Hendrix with precision. Anisa Buttar’s drumming style was supportive but not overpowering. N3P’s catchy sound is one I hope to hear again. The chorus from their song “Reassurance” is still playing in my head.

Three Chord Radio performed covers of rock bands such as the Offspring, Green Day and Sublime. This quartet did an excellent job performing the songs without a hitch. For anyone who is a fan of the mid-’90s rock era and enjoys live music, this band is just right.

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