Stars bling at jewelry party

With the JCK Las Vegas jewelry convention in town, Las Vegas was like a bright shining beacon for high-society con men, Ocean’s 11-style heist teams, cat burglars and David Niven circa 1963.

Along with all that (and how disappointing is it that not one safe was cracked all weekend?), loads of celebs came to get the early look at what they’ll be loaned to wear on red carpets and at awards shows in the coming year.

Bruno Mars and Mayer Hawthorne put on a show for 4,000 at Mandalay Bay Beach on June 5, but the big throw-down was June 4 at the Palazzo’s Azure pool for the Simon G. Summer Soiree.

Tori Spelling, who must have some sort of Dean McDermott voodoo doll, not only convinced him to leave his wife and knock her up not once, not twice, but now a third time. They were in the mix, along with Raven-Symone, rekindling our long-held fantasy that Olivia would be shipped off to Beverly Hills (presumably, along with Will Smith), where she’d move in with Donna Martin and teach her a thing or two about loosening up, embracing her quirkier side and stop being such a damn tease to David.

Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera was there with fiancée Ryan Piers Williams, as were Teri Hatcher, Lisa Rinna and Stephanie Pratt.

Gavin Rossdale performed at the party, where he did “Glycerine,” because apparently someone told him a long time ago that every time he didn’t play a mournful, acoustic version of “Glycerine” at a public performance, a kitten would be murdered in his name.

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