Freebies for First

First Friday is one thing, but First Saturday at First (which lure in Colin Firth and Bill Frist to split a fifth of Four Roses) offers something the downtown arts festival could only dream of — free chicken and waffles.

It’s an industry promotion that starts at midnight on the first Saturday of every month, that’s been going on for about a year now.

“We wanted to give them more incentinve to come in and hang out in the restaurant. Just give out chicken and waffles the first Saturday of every month. Give them something they love instead of giving them a frivolous freebie,” First General Manager Louis Hirsch said. “We set the back up with picnic tables, make it feel a little homey.”

On those Fridays and Saturdays, Hirsch and his team canvas restaurants to let staff know they can come in after shift and load up — and load up they do. Trays of chicken usually disappear posthaste and patrons line up around the private dining room while First chefs whip up more of the uber-malty waffles.

The real secret, Hirsch said, is in the syrup, which mixes a little Wild Turkey American Honey in with the mapes. So, free chicken and waffles, then, with booze syrup? It’s about time someone figured out how to put all the most perfect things in the universe together in one package.

In a bid to keep you there all weekend, First is also doing Movie Night Sundays (this week a double bill of American Beauty and Terminator 2 coupled with half-priced Annette Bening Martinis, and next week a Boys of Summer baseball twinbill with hot dogs and canned beer), and Half-Priced Wine Mondays.