Grandma Lee

The cantankerous sailor-mouthed coot is definitely not someone whom you’d want sitting across from you at Thanksgiving dinner. Which is, naturally, what makes the comedian so hilarious. She repeatedly stirs the cognitive dissonance generated when a stooped old lady weighing not much more than her age carefully eases her way onstage with the help of a four-footed cane, gingerly sits down on a stool in the spotlight, and proceeds to tell the audience the explicit sexual acts she’d like to repeatedly perform on the warm-up comics.

Of course, she never uses the words “sexual acts.”

In her one-hour show at The Orleans on May 21, Grandma Lee came at the crowd with commentary on how fellatio can compensate for small breasts and how STDs run rampant in retirement communities. She also ragged on her fat daughter-in-law, the contents of her nearly deaf boyfriend’s underwear and his subpar performance in the sack, and her reasons for buying a PT Cruiser: “It reminds me of the old gangster cars, and I am a gangsta bitch.” Lee has been in the comedy business since her husband, a Marine, died of cancer in 1995. She was 61 when she began and has been touring throughout the United States since she started. Lee has played Vegas off and on for almost a decade now.

Indeed, Vegas is at least partly responsible for Lee taking her career to the next level. Palace Station’s Bonkerz comedy club owner, Joe Sanfelippo, sent NBC a clip of her performance and suggested they get Lee onto America’s Got Talent. NBC agreed, and she made it to the finale of the 2009 season.

With her snappy, often deadpan delivery, large eyes and self-described “Moe” haircut, she repeatedly heads down TMI trail. Her “Moe” mop, for instance, isn’t the only hair she’s had trimmed. Basically, Grandma Lee goes all the places you’d expect a 77-year-old gangsta bitch with a shaved cooch to go.

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