I ♥ Yogurt serves fro-yo with an ’80s twist

When Poetry Nightclub in the Forum Shops at Caesars abruptly shut down in 2009, nightclub directors Branden Powers and Rich Bowen decided to get out of the nightlife industry and open their own self-serve yogurt shop. An unlikely transition, perhaps, but successful: The duo has carved out a niche in the outskirts of Summerlin with I ♥ Yogurt.

When the shop opened its doors a year ago, Powers and Bowen proved that they did not want to simply copy other fro-yo shops. That is evident from the moment you walk in and notice the shelves stocked with retro treats such as candy cigarettes, classic toys such as Slip’n’Slide, and original Star Wars memorabilia. It feels like you’ve been transported to an episode of I Love the ’80s. A wall of old-school televisions rotates classic movies such as Back to the Future; classic games such as Connect Four are at every table; and you can take a seat at one of the 64 arcade machines, featuring Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

As for the yogurt, I ♥ Yogurt offers 12 flavors, four of which rotate on a weekly basis. You can fill bowls and cones with flavors such as Mr. T Tart and Super Mario Strawberry Shortcake. The toppings bar includes fresh, organic fruit along with goodies such as Rice Krispies Treats and homemade brownies. You can even purchase a bottomless bowl of cereal with hard-to-find selections (Boo Berry! Franken Berry!). And they just added a Slush Puppie machine.

“I just want everyone to feel like a kid again, to be happy,” Powers says. “And I think people leave here high—like, naturally high. They get knocked off their center a little bit. Here, they get to be a kid, they get to drink sodas, eat desserts, eat candy, play video games and hang out with their family.” 11 a.m.-midnight daily, 11700 W. Charleston Blvd., 243-5683, ILVYogurt.com.