Pop goes the cocktail

Twisted Caramel Corn, as served at I ♥ Burgers in the Shoppes at the Palazzo, $13

Savory and sweet. That is the yin and yang of the candy world, and nowhere is it better exemplified than in the sweet, corny crunch found in a box of Cracker Jack. Corey Keck, one of I ♥ Burgers’ “Milkshake Girls,” says she makes more than 100 shakes—both regular and spiked—on a typical day. The biggest sellers, she says, are the Chocolate Thunder (a triple-chocolate shake with Phillips Union cherry whiskey and Mozart chocolate liqueur) and the Twisted Caramel Corn, the makings of which employs a puree of fresh, sweet corn and house-made caramel.

“This drink appeals to anyone who can close their eyes and remember the smell of fresh caramel corn at a fair or circus and craves that sweet, savory, childhood favorite flavor,” says a rep for the creative team at I ♥ Burgers. Or even more succinctly: “Everyone loves the smell of fresh caramel corn. Why not drink what you love?” Guess that’s the prize at the bottom of this glass.

In a blender, combine two scoops of vanilla ice cream with 2 ounces of house-made corn puree, 1 ounce caramel, 1½ ounces XZO vodka and ½ ounce butterscotch schnapps. Pour into a glass drizzled with caramel. Top with Cracker Jack candies and more caramel on top.

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