Whatever He Wants

Great gifts for good ol’ Dad

1) Creative Recreation Cesario LO XVI, available at Stitched in the Cosmopolitan, $60.

2) Corzo Tequila, available at Corzo.com, $50.

3) The Art of Shaving Power Shave set, available at The Art of Shaving, Fashion Show, $150.

4) XXXX Collection bag, available at Stitched in the Cosmo, $995.

5) Bailey hat, available at Stitched in the Cosmo, $55.

6) Ray-Ban sunglasses, available at Stitched in the Cosmo, $160.

7) Racing Style, The Leather Book, Eames and Cuff Links, available at Assouline in Crystals at CityCenter, prices available upon request.

8) Balvenie 15-year-old scotch, available at TheBalvenie.com.

9) Chadburry dress shirts and XXXX Collection ties, available at Stitched in the Cosmo, $245 and $115.

10) Creed Silver Mountain Water, available at Stitched in the Cosmo, $280.

11) Bad Batz Maru by Amanda Visell for Kidrobot, available at Monogram in the Cosmo, $40.

12) Dunamis watch from Jason of Beverly Hills, available at Jason of Beverly Hills in the Cosmo, $38,900.

13) By Chari men’s bracelets, available at ByChari.com, $45-$70.

14) Sur La Table Stainless Steel Flexi Grill Basket, available at Sur La Table, Fashion Show, $20.

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