Mayweather skips court date

Floyd Mayweather Jr. apparently is avoiding Manny Pacquiao outside the ring, too.

The Las Vegas resident and self-proclaimed pound-for-pound boxing king defied a court order today when he failed to show up for a deposition hearing in the defamation lawsuit Pacquiao filed against him.

“Mr. Mayweather maliciously leveled false accusations about Mr. Pacquiao. We are anxious to examine him under oath about those statements,” Daniel Petrocelli, Pacquiao’s attorney, said in a statement.

“He is just dodging his deposition because he is afraid to testify, but he has no right to defy a Court Order.”

Petrocelli told The Associated Press he would seek a default in the case where Pacquiao is suing Mayweather Jr., his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather, for making false statements that accuse Pacquiao of using performance-enhancing drugs.

The Filipino superstar, who already settled a similar lawsuit with Golden Boy Promotions, has repeatedly denied ever using PEDs.

Mayweather tried to postpone the deposition Thursday, saying he needed to train for his Sept. 17 fight against Victor Ortiz. But Judge Robert Johnston denied his request.

The two superstar fighters have twice tried to make a megabout, which likely would be the biggest and richest fight in history, with the first attempt failing because both sides disagreed on drug-testing measures.

But some boxing insiders think Mayweather’s bout against Ortiz is a tune-up fight for Pacquiao — who fights Juan Manuel Marquez on Nov. 12 at the MGM Grand — because Ortiz is left-handed like Pacquiao and a very active fighter.

Mayweather is also facing felony charges for a domestic argument with the mother of two of his children, and misdemeanor harassment and battery charges for allegedly attacking security personnel at the lavish gated community Mayweather lives in.

He has a scheduled Oct. 20 court date for the felony charges. If Mayweather is convicted on all counts, he could face up to 34 years in prison.