CyPris parting ways

Rumors started to circulate in the middle of last week that Paris Hilton and former XS/Tryst managing partner Cy Waits were having relationship troubles. If by “relationship troubles” you mean, “the relationship is over.” That’s pretty troubling, we suppose.

US Weekly reported June 20 that the couple is definitely done, citing multiple inside sources. Hilton’s rep had no comment.

Waits’ twin brother and current Tryst/XS managing partner, Jesse, meanwhile, had Holly Madison in his corner wearing a “Team Jesse” tank top when he took on Blush managing partner Brandon Roque in a DJ battle June 14 at Blush, and Tweeted about spending the day with his dog, Luscious. As we all know, it’s a short walk from “day playing with the dog” to “deep committed relationship.” Seems like the time is right for rampant speculation.

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The sisters Hilton have a home


The sisters Hilton have a home

By Jason Scavone

With XS off the table, Paris Hilton has apparently settled on her new spot. Hilton was with sister Nicky on June 11 at Marquee for friend Allison Melnick’s 40th birthday party. In fact, the last three times Paris was in town, she partied at Marquee (and Nicky was there without her on March 18). Paris hasn’t been spotted at a non-Marquee club since before the Cosmo spot opened, when she turned up at Pure on Dec. 14. Now all she has to do is not incur the wrath of Deutsche Bank, like she did with Steve Wynn.