Fish Tacos at Phat Phranks

While it has an unassuming strip-mall location (see Page 82), Phat Phranks has some of the best fish tacos in town. Battered pieces of juicy cod are fried to a golden crisp and served on corn tortillas with cabbage and creamy cilantro sauce. They also make an array of delicious salsas that can be added if you prefer your tacos with a kick. Order the full plate and you get a healthy helping of rice and beans. $9, 4850 W. Sunset Road, 247-6528.

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Gulab Jamun at Origin India

Dishing With Grace

Gulab Jamun at Origin India

Also referred to as Origin India’s version of the classic doughnut hole is gulab jamun, a traditional Indian dessert that is often served on special occasions or holidays. Here, deep-fried cottage cheese and semolina flour balls are soaked in an intense rosewater and cardamom-infused sugar syrup and served warm, garnished with nuts. Sometimes, chef Kuldeep Singh will even lay a thin sheet of edible silver or gold atop the dessert, creating an extra special sight. Truly a crave-worthy dessert you’ll want to savor and perhaps not share with others.