A little piece of home

Among the signs that we are adjusting lifestyle choices as a result of the Great Recession is a shift from conspicuous purchases to “family lifestyle enhancement.” In other words, we’re spending our money on things that make a meaningful contribution to the time we spend with family and friends—namely travel, and home-related expenditures. Interestingly, the two are actually more closely connected than you might think.

Besides being a sanctuary, your home is a direct reflection of you, your family and the places and things you love. Beyond the most basic influences (lifestyle, color and architecture), travel offers a terrific opportunity to inform your home’s design aesthetic. That’s not to say you need to go furniture shopping every time you travel. The keys to weaving the influences of travel into your home lie in the pursuit of authenticity and simplicity. Look for the things that make your favorite destinations unique, and take time to learn about their cultural and architectural history. Most importantly, pay attention to the individual experiences that make a vacation special.

Some things will fit in your suitcase, some you’ll have to ship, and many you’ll find while shopping right here at home. I’ve lugged Murano glass home from Italy, a conch from Jamaica, shutter back teak chairs from Thailand, steamer trunks from England and France, embroidered textiles from Mexico, and paintings from Charleston, S.C., by my favorite artist, Jennifer Smith Rogers.

In short, our home is filled with reminders of the places we love. And that includes Las Vegas. My artificial lawn? It was inspired by the beautiful grounds at the Wynn Las Vegas.

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