A New Lease on Design

New Wings Interiors lives by the proactive approach

In talking interior design with Pablo Sinigaglia, it’s his passion for pleasing his clients that stands out—that and his accent. The principal of Las Vegas-based New Wings Interiors is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is also the origin of his European design sensibility. The city is, after all, known as the Paris of South America.

Sinigaglia isn’t the average interior decorator coming in to hang new drapes. He’s a fully licensed interior architect whose mission is to give clients the space they desire on a reasonable budget. New Wings is a small firm with a big mindset, employing architects and designers who circle the globe looking for inspiration. It’s a collaborative effort that aims to please a diverse client base, from those who seek a modern aesthetic to those into European gothic. “Our designs reflect the soul of our clients,” Sinigaglia says.

Most recently, New Wings has created a relaxed restaurant and clubhouse space for Dragon Ridge Country Club and customized interior furnishings and finishes for Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cucina in Crystals at CityCenter. When approaching a job, they are proactive, going to clients past and future with big ideas. “Rather than sit and wait for someone to come to us with an idea,” he says, “we’re designing spaces with clients in mind and then going to them.”

That take-charge attitude extends well beyond securing the job. Like the designers in Argentina, the New Wings crew is active in all aspects of the construction process, from furniture design to air conditioning. Bringing this philosophy to Las Vegas has given Sinigaglia’s company a competitive edge. Creating a balance between precision, budget and craftsmanship is his forte. One strategy he has employed is to break a project into pieces. Don’t change all the rooms, just change one, start there and then add on as needed. Easy refreshes include custom furniture and artwork.

When asked where the name New Wings originated, Sinigaglia says it encapsulates the reason he became a designer in the first place: “I want to give my clients heaven on earth within their spaces.”

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