Record piercer just itchy the day after ordeal

Staysha Randall, a performer who, well, does a number of strange things, recently broke the record for most piercings on a human body at one time. With her cohort and piercer, Bill “Danger” Robinson, it took seven hours and 28 minutes for Randall to get 3,200 piercings all over her body. I recently caught up with her, still in the afterglow of her accomplishment.

What’s your background?

I was born in Vegas, raised in a super small conservative town full of doctors’ and lawyers’ kids in northern Ohio, then moved back to Vegas when I was 14. I like to go to shows for fun, especially magic shows. I love watching magic and have no interest in knowing how it’s done. My act is diverse, mainly strong woman (stuff).

Where do you perform?

I perform at all different venues including wrestling shows, The Erotic Heritage Museum, clubs, haunted houses, variety shows, and even street performed on the Las Vegas Strip.

Do you have a day job?

I’m a dog groomer.

How many piercings did you have before the event?

I have 3 piercings. Both my nipples and one in my hood. Fun fact: I don’t have my ears pierced because it hurts too much.

How did this idea come about?

Bill asked me one night if I wanted to do it, I said ‘Sure’ before I even knew the number of piercings.

Were you worried about anything?

I was nervous in general, but not worried about anything specific.

Have you ever tried for any other world records?

I was involved in a record attempt a few years ago for most people simultaneously playing a board game, but that’s it. It was with thousands of other people though, so it wasn’t a personal record.

Are you going to try for any other world records?

I am definitely going to try some other records. Most Madagascar hissing cockroaches in my mouth, most frying pans rolled up in 60 seconds, most eggs crushed with my toes in 60 seconds, and a few others.

Describe the event as it was for you. What was the toughest part? Were there bathroom breaks? How many people watched? How long did you keep the piercings in for? Was it worth it?

The toughest part was asking Bill to stop at 3,200 instead of going through with the 3,600 we originally planned for. I didn’t want to let him down but the pain was unbearable. We were able to take five-minute breaks for every hour we pierced. It was streaming live online, so who knows how many people watched.

I kept the piercings in for about 45 minutes to take pictures. It took about two hours for four people to remove all the piercings. Poor Bill had no feeling in his fingers and had a blister on his thumb, he couldn’t help remove. It was totally worth it. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever done but I feel like a superhero now that I’ve done it. I’m recovering well. I felt fine the next day. Poor Bill, his recovery is going to take longer than mine. I don’t feel pain anymore, just itchy.

Jason Harris is a local stand-up comedian.